Cocktails with… Stolichnaya Citros

Followers of the site may recall that, last autumn, we reviewed the new Stolichnaya Gala Applik vodka. Well, today, we shall be looking at another flavoured Stolichnaya: Stolichnaya Citros. As you may have guessed, this is a citrus flavoured vodka; specifically, lemon and lime. In contrast, Absolut Citron uses just lemon and Smirnoff’s No.24 Citrus Twist contains an entire trio of citrus.

The vodka that we’re looking at today, however, uses Stolichnaya Red as its base and is flavoured with “fragrant lemons and limes”. It is colourless* and bottled at 37.5% ABV.

Room temperature
Nose: Sweet citrus, reminding me a little of lemon meringue pie.
Taste: This is full of fresh, sharp lemon and lime flavours; a cross between curd and marmalade. I also tasted a hint of cream. It had a rounder texture and more balanced flavour than the other citrus vodkas that I have tasted, such as Absolut and Smirnoff Citrus Twist. Overall, Citros is very good indeed.

Nose: Zesty marmalade, with spice and vanilla.
Taste: Excellent citrus flavours; zesty, but not overpowering (which I find to be a common problem with citrus vodkas). There’s some sweetness that reminds me of marmalade, but it’s generally well-balanced with a layer of complexity from the cardamon-like spice.

Vodka Martini
Excellent. The citrus was there, but it was far from overpowering. The more complex citrus notes, as well as a spicy cardamon flavour, seem to keep the drink from becoming too zesty. This was a fresh drink, with some initial sweetness and a dry finish, and is definitely one I will be having again.

Vodka Tonic
As you would expect, this drink worked very well. It was very easy to drink and provided cooling refreshment. Although the drink is quite straightforward, the mix of citrus and some of the spice notes hidden within it gives it a deeper character.

Pretty good, cool and refreshing. There were two layers of citrus: the initial burst from the fresh lime and then a bolder mix of citrus from the vodka, along with a hint of spice.

Fruit Cup
30ml Stolichnaya Citros 20ml Red vemrouth  10ml Ginger wine
Stolichnaya Citros made an incredibly tasty fruit cup. It has the typical rich, herbal notes that you would expect from a fruit cup, but the vodka adds a lightness to the drink and the citrus makes it even more refreshing and a little more complex than usual. I mixed mine with ginger ale and I think it worked very well indeed.

A tasty Vesper, although less intense than a “Classic-style Vesper”, as this vodka is only at 37.5% ABV, rather than the 50% of Stolichnaya Blue. What is does seem to do is mitigate the need for the twist; in fact, if you had given me this blind, I would have thought it had had a twist and the peel had been removed. Fresh, zesty and a nice alternative to the Classic Vesper.

In Conclusion
Stolichnaya Citros is the best citrus vodka I have had and is one of my top 10 flavoured vodkas overall. It stands up well in a a variety of cocktails, without overpowering them with dominant flavours.

Stolichnaya Citros is available for around £17 for 70cl from The Vodka Emporium

*Surely all vodka is colourless?  Good point but some flavoured vodka is coloured.

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