Macallan Amber Whisky Liqueur – WOW24

DTS & I first heard about Macallan’s Amber liqueur during one of our much loved trips to Edinburgh; it was recommended to us by a very helpful shop assistant who, at the same time, lamented at its rarity. Indeed, this is one of the many whisky liqueurs that have now been discontinued, but, when we spotted that The Whisky Exchange had managed to get hold of some, we decided to treat ourselves.

In my opinion, the bottle itself is something of a treat; it’s by far the most dramatic and luxurious looking liqueur bottle that I’ve seen, with it’s elegant curves and wooden cap. Gorgeous.

As soon as I poured this, my nose was greeted with a rush of rich maple syrup and pecans. DTS even picked it up from the other side of the room. Upon closer inspection, I also found melted butter, raisins, and a touch of peppery spice. The wood of the whisky crept in at the end, but the maple syrup and pecans really do dominate this nose, stopping just short of being sickly.

This was silky smooth on the tongue and slightly viscous. The initial flavour – like the nose – was powerful: maple syrup, followed by a hit of raisins and pecans. Oaky vanilla comes in afterwards, with hints of rich wood and accompanied by a spicy finish that reminded me of pepper or celery, although DTS said that he associated the finish more with the aftertaste of pecans or brazil nuts. This finish is both rich and persistent – ten minutes later, both DTS & I could still taste that celery-like spice, backed by a syrupy sweetness.

Overall, I think this is absolutely delicious. The flavours are so strong, rich and plentiful, but they still all work together remarkably well. There’s a definite, pudding-like quality to this liqueur, with its maple and pecan notes and general all-round richness, so it’s not for those who dislike genuinely sweet liqueurs, but if you have a sweet tooth, are partial to the occasional pecan danish and get the chance, I’d definitely recommend trying this gem; it won’t be around forever.

– Mrs. B

Macallan Amber Whisky Liqueur (probably the Best Whisky Liqueur) is available for £69.95 for 750ml only from The Whisky Exchange.

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