Cocktails with… Belvedere Rye Vodka

We write a lot about gin on Summer Fruit Cup (and a fair amount about whisk(e)y, too), but I’ve always had an interest in vodka and I thought it was about time that I start writing on this spirit.

When we write about a gin, we like to see how it works in different cocktails. Given the more subtle taste of vodka, the choice of cocktails needs to be made more carefully, but, hopefully, the reviews will show that not all vodkas are the same and that it isn’t just about the frequency or technique of filtration.

The first vodka we’re looking at is Belvedere, which is a Polish, rye-based vodka. Made with Dankowskie Gold Rye and quadruple-distilled, the spirit is cut down to 40%ABV with water from Belvedere’s own well.

Initially smooth, with a growing warmth. This had quite an oily texture with some graininess, akin to bread, but, overall, it was very clean and crisp.

Lovely; a little thick and more viscous, whilst also being smooth and silky, like liquid honey. There was a pleasant, honey-like sweetness, too. I thought this was superb and definitely a great improvement over drinking it at room temperature.

This was very smooth and fresh, with an exceptionally light, fruity sweetness. A little lemon twist would add the crispness this Martini slightly lacks. Then you have a smooth and clean, yet flavourful, drink; very good.

Vodka Tonic
This made a strong and rather powerful drink that was, nonetheless, refreshing. I was genuinely surprised at how much of the vodka’s flavour came through that of the tonic.

Over Ice
I think that this works well, although it’s not usually a method that I would consider when drinking vodka. The ice chills the drink and a little bit of ice-melt also helps to round off the few remaining edges of the spirit; it’s a great way to drink it if you want to appreciate the flavours of the vodka.

Crisp and cutting, like a shard of ice. This was full of clean flavours with a good twang of sour lime and a subtle hint of vanilla, making a smooth and refreshing drink. This is another, slightly different, way to enjoy Belvedere and appreciate its characteristics.


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partial to a martini? to a smoke-hazed gin joint & a perfect tipple poured with the style, swank & skill of a true aficionado? …then pull up your stool to the bar, prepare to stock up your cocktail cabinet & get ready to drink it all in as we introduce you to a stitch in times’ resident barman… David T. Smith is a drinks enthusiast currently residing in the U.K. a long-time fan of tasting & exploring various types of alcohol, he has a fascination for vintage spirits and cocktails, in particular their heritage & origins; this was strengthened last year when he presented a talk and accompanying monograph on the Martini. it was as a result of his research of this topic that he was introduced to drinks paraphernalia, & he is now the happy owner of a colourful collection of bottles, books, and gadgets from a wide range of eras… an avid believer in the validity and variety of personal opinion, particularly in the subjective area of tasting, he enjoys hosting tasting sessions for friends, constantly challenging them to find their own favourite tipple. in addition to all of this, he is also interested in economics, three-piece suits, board games & keeping alive the art of engaging in enjoyable conversation with a good glass of port whilst surrounded by pipe smoke… Thanks to Analiebe for writing this rather flattering blurb for me.

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