Lemonade Tasting with Pimms

Today’s mixer companion will feature fizzy Lemonade, also known as Limonade or Lemon Soda. For the purposes of this article, “Lemonade” is defined as a sparkling, sweetened soft drink flavoured with lemon or lemon and lime.

Although the origins of lemonade go back to the Middle Ages (maybe as far back as ancient Egypt), this more modern interpretation was introduced shortly after the rise of artificially carbonated water, over 150 years ago. R Whites lemonade was first produced in 1845.Fizzy Lemonade is often drunk on its own or with a shot of lime juice, but it’s other main use comes into play when mixing with Fruit Cups. For this reason, each lemonade that we tasted was tried both on its own and also with Fruit Cup; on this occasion, we decided to use Pimm’s, a very popular brand.

The Tasting


Schweppes Original
This had a good amount of fizz, but wasn’t overly effervescent. The flavour was clean and rather fresh with some juicy lemon, but it was a little bit cloying at the end with a hollow, artificial sweetness on the finish. Otherwise, rather good.

Schweppes Original contains Aspartame and Sodium Saccharin

With fruit cup, the Schweppes makes quite a sweet drink, but with ice and a citrus fruit garnish, it is a very typical example and nothing out of the ordinary. Thankfully, the fruit cup takes away the hollow artificial sweetness from the finish, replacing it with a very slight woodiness.

R White
This had a really juicy, lemon nose. On the tongue, it had a medium-to-high fizz and a slight, dusty muskiness (which I actually quite like). It wasn’t too lemony, but generally quite inoffensive and pretty refreshing. There was a stronger lemon note at the end.

R White Premium Lemonade contains Aspartame, Saccharin and Acesulfame K

With Pimm’s, this was a little bit more bitter than the Schweppes, making quite a complex and rather flavourful drink. If you don’t like drinks too sweet, this should work for you; it was also quite light and less syrupy.

Barr’s Lemonade
A rather intriguing nose of ice* was followed by a medium-to-low fizz and a drink that was initially quite sweet; the lemon flavour seemed a bit hidden, although there were some creamy vanilla notes. Overall, this tasted of melted lemon ice, which was quite nice and very thirst-quenching, but lacking on the strength of lemon flavour and, overall, was too sweet.

Barr’s Lemonade contians Aspartame and Acesulfame K

With fruit cup, Barr’s was really sweet and syrupy, with some root beer qualities. I found it to be far too sweet for my palette and rather unbalanced.

Waitrose Own Brand
Quite clean and juicy, lemon really comes trough, med-high fizz. Pretty good but a bit cloying at the end.With Fruit Cup, not bad, maybe a touch to sweet but the fruit cup comes through and then the flavour drops off quickly.

7 UP
This had a medium-to-high fizz and relatively strong notes of lemon, lime and a little cream, like some sort of fruit chew sweet. There was also a nice, fresh tartness at the end, although the high level of fizz may make you feel a bit bloated if you drank it too quickly.

With Pimm’s, this was fizzier and more bitter than the others that we tried; there were some citrus and herbal notes, which were quite nice. This seemed to be more of a laid back drink, without any in-your-face sweetness. Very refreshing and rather quaff-able.

This had medium levels of both fizz and citrus. It seemed more like a stereotypical “lemonade” than 7 UP, although we found it to be a little lacking on the citrus and overall flavour. Still, this was quite refreshing.

Alongside the fruit cup, this tasted rather anonymous, a bit flat, and maybe a touch too sweet, but, overall, really rather unremarkable.

With a medium level of fizz and a strong, tart lemon flavour, this lemonade had probably the strongest, freshest lemon flavour of all those that we tried. It was quite tasty and less sweet than the others; the taste was similar to soda water mixed with a good slug of fresh lemon juice. Overall, this tasted clean, unadulterated, vibrant and fresh.

With Pimm’s, this was great: with the lemonade being less sweet than the others, you can taste the fruit cup a lot more,


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