WOW19 – Evan Williams’ Cherry Whiskey Liqueur

Follows of Whispers of Whisk(e)y may remember that a little while back I reviewed Evan Williams Honey Reserve Whiskey Liqueur. Well, last week I was at the Boutique Bar Show and spoke about the product with Philip Wilson of Eaux de Vie and Phillip directed me to another cherry-flavoured variety. He was kind enough to let me have a taster sample to review  at home and so here are my thoughts.

Evan Williams Cherry Whiskey Liqueur was introduced into the US Market in September 2010, but if you know where to look you can find it in the UK. It was  a result of the success of their Honey variety (which was released in the Autumn of 2009) and is a combination of extra-aged Evan Williams Bourbon with natural cherry flavor.

The nose is absolutely delightful if, like me, you like bakewell tart; there are strong notes of sweet cherry and marizpan at the start, blending smoothly into fainter, but familiar notes of Evan Williams whiskey at the very end.

On the tongue, it is silky smooth and slightly viscous. What’s nice is that the whiskey is immediately present and definitely more prominent than in the nose. It’s accompanied, though, by a lovely, juicy cherry flavour that increases towards the end; I was impressed at how fruity and natural the flavour tasted, because I’ve tried other things recently that immediately brought to mind cheap sweets or cherry-flavoured Tunes throat lozenges,  but this reminded me of nothing other than whiskey, bakewell, and rich, moist cherries. The finish is decidedly sweet, but not sickly, with a pleasant warmth.

Recommended serving suggestions for this include mixing it with cola, but I personally couldn’t imagine drinking it any other way than on its own or on the rocks – it’s far too good to be used as “cherry flavouring”. Still, a part of me doesn’t mind, just so long as they keep making it! Definitely try this if you like bourbon and cherries and don’t mind a bit of sweetness.

– Mrs. B

Evan Williams Cherry reserve Whisky Liqueur is available for around £20 for 7ocl from The Whisky Exchange.


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