WOW15 – FECKiN Spiced Irish Whiskey

I tried this for the first time yesterday, whilst DBS & I were waiting for the train congestion at Waterloo station to disperse and, I have to admit, what with the crazed crowds of confused and agitated commuters around, I misheard DBS when he said the name of this spiced Irish whiskey, so my notes that form the basis of this review were written without any idea of the name or packaging. When I looked it up once we were home (a good few hours later), I was amused by the packaging, which I thought suggested that it didn’t take itself too seriously and made it stand out. Despite this, there was absolutely nothing about the taste of FECKiN Spiced that made me consider it a novelty, as my notes made clear.

I thought that the nose of FECKiN Spiced was near-on perfect – I loved it. It was light and almost delicate, but not boring, with wonderful sweet, spicy notes at the forefront, followed by fainter hints of marzipan, vanilla, and a lovely toffee note that also reminded DBS & I of caramel, butterscotch, toffee apples and popcorn; the popcorn is probably a light maltiness, now that I come to think about it. There was no harsh alcohol to be found anywhere in this nose, no matter how many times I went back to take in all of the other notes. A great example of a nose that shows that it doesn’t have to be in-your-face to be good or interesting.

This smoothness continued onto my tongue, with a light, silky texture. The first flavour that hit me was lightly spiced toffee with a short burst of a golden syrup-type sweetness (but nothing overpowering), before I was caught slightly off-guard by a slowly forming warmth at the back of my throat that followed the whiskey down into my stomach. The beginning had been so smooth, that I hadn’t thought there would be much warmth at all, but I was very happy to be proved wrong.

After the toffee and warmth, there was a slight woodiness and a hint of vanilla that neatly rounded off the finish with a subtle sweetness. All of the flavours gradually dispersed, leaving just the comforting warmth in my stomach.

I would have thought that it’s pretty obvious that I thoroughly enjoyed FECKiN Spiced. I have to admit that I’ve never had an Irish whiskey that’s impressed me, but now I’m eager to try the original FECKiN. The Spiced version is a wonderful tipple that almost tricks you into thinking that it’s a delicate flower, before drawing you in with real weight and substance, and mine disappeared all too quickly. I would definitely highly recommend it, especially to fans of whisky liqueurs who might want to try something a little less sweet. Delicious.

– Mrs. B.

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