WOW13 – Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur


Bruadar, named after the Scottish Gaelic word for “dream”, is a single malt whisky liqueur made by The Scottish Liqueur Centre in Bankfoot, Perthshire. The company have what I consider to be a very admirable and interesting collection of liqueurs in their range and I look forward to covering a few more of them over the coming weeks, but today’s focus is Bruadar – their honey and sloe whisky liqueur.

I loved the nose of Bruadar: to start, I just noticed warm, promising notes of Scotch whisky and the smooth, sweet scent of honey, but then I also caught the intriguing scent of violets. This was swiftly followed by the smell of oats or – more precisely – oatcakes. After a minute or two of deliberation, I realised that it reminded me of the comforting combination of a warm wheat bag and a glass of Scotch.

On the tongue, Bruadar was exceptionally soft and sweet to start, being remarkably smooth. There weren’t any heavy or potent Scotch flavours, although the whisky still had a presence in the drink, but as more of a base, with the other flavours “working around it”.

I found the strongest of these flavours by far to be violets, with a finish that focused on the sloe berries: fruity and softened by the sweetness of the honey to remove any tartness. Despite my saying this, the finish really wasn’t very sweet at all, nor was it savoury; it was just very clean and balanced. Not at all sticky or syrupy, it was exceedingly easy to drink.

Overall, I thought that Bruadar was a wonderful and obviously fine-tuned liqueur, taking a whisky base and overlaying it with warm, comforting notes of violets, honey, oats, and sloe berries. As a fan of Scotch, I appreciated how all of these flavoured had been neatly woven together – even though there weren’t any heavy whisky flavours – and the smoothness will doubtless make it popular with those who don’t usually drink whisky. An interesting, comforting and yet light Scotch whisky liqueur.

– Mrs. B.


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