WOW11 – Grant’s Odyssey Scotch Whisky Liqueur

Today’s centre-stage liqueur for Whispers of Whisky is certainly turning out to be a bit of a mystery. The distinctive, triangular bottle (as well as its label) immediately tells you that it is made by Grant’s, who – coincidentally – also produce Hendrick’s Gin and own the Glenffidich Distillery. However, I haven’t been able to find very much at all on the liqueur or its origins and don’t actually know whether it is still sold anywhere. Mr. Smith bought our bottle on a trip to France for, he tells me, seven euros.

I found the nose of Odyssey to be distinctly reminiscent of banana and toffee, with a slight artifical edge, like the old banana flavour Toffo sweets. It’s also a very sugary nose and there’s also a hint of make-up remover, before finishing with a sweet, gingerbread spiciness.

On the tongue, the Odyssey was lovely, light and smooth with no burn at all, although there’s a pleasant warmth that followed the liqueur down my throat. The flavours didn’t linger on the tongue for very long, although I found that this improved when taking larger sips.

The flavours themselves consisted of a flash of whisky – but no peat whatsoever – that was quickly overtaken by spice, vanilla, toffee and that banana flavour from the nose. There was also a rich, honey sweetness that, combined with the other flavours, strongly reminded me of Twinning’s camomile, honey and vanilla tea.

This is certainly one of the more distinctive whisky liqueurs that I’ve tried and, although I know that it won’t be a favourite for some, because of its sweetness and non-whisky flavours, I have to admit that I’m actually quite fond of it: it’s comforting without being heavy or dominant on the palate and perfect for a quick, sweet drink at the end of an evening or meal; I’m very glad that Mr. Smith spent those seven euros.

– Mrs. B.

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2 thoughts on “WOW11 – Grant’s Odyssey Scotch Whisky Liqueur

    • Merci pour votre commentaire. J’ai été hier en France et, je suis d’accord, malheureusement, ni Carrefore pas Auchan avait aucune.

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