WOW9 – Hebridean Whisky Liqueur

For my first Whispers of Whisk(e)y following my brief break away, I chose this intriguing-looking miniature from The Hebridean Liqueur Company. The bottle displays its strong Scottish roots, with lovely olive green glass and a label showing heavy tweed and a Celtic style brooch.

The recipe, taken from a book of traditional Hebridean recipes, is apparently based upon a method once used by Scots who would make whisky in their homes and then improve the flavour by drinking it with either orange juice or sugar-caramel. Indeed, the nose – which I was instantly fond of – smelt strongly of caramel and honey (although no orange!), with a slight smokiness towards the end and, interestingly, hints of wood sap and coffee. I thought it was exactly what I thought a whisky liqueur should smell like, with its non-artificial, earthy sweetness.

The sweetness followed through on the tongue, with the caramel remaining surprisingly prominent. It was incredibly smooth and silky, coating the mouth without being sticky or syrupy. Woody, smokey whisky notes follow, with a hint of warmth, but never fully get away from the sweetness, which hangs around to soften the flavours off at the end. David put it very well when he said that it almost tasted like it could have been finished in a whisky cask.

I’m pleased to be back writing about whisky liqueurs and I hope you’re pleased to be reading about them again. The Hebridean Whisky Liqueur was a great way to restart the series.

– Mrs. B.

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