Cocktails with… Monin Apple Pie Syrup (Brand New!)

I recently received a couple of sample bottles of Monin Syrup and in the box was an added surprise, a bottle of the, not yet released, Monin Apple Pie Syrup. This is due to be launched at a trade fair in May, so here is a sneak preview.

But how does it taste?

#1) Own
As with the Gin Syrup, I tried this on its own to get an idea of what it would mix well with; how strong were the flavours and h0w sweet it was.
Nose of sweet pastry, butter and a little spice. Taste of spice apple, quite sweet with a little biscuity butter.
#2) Apple Old Fashioned
[50ml Bourbon, 10ml Apple Pie Syrup, 3 Dashes of Bitters: SHAKE]
Really warming, with a buttery, spiced apple element that makes this a very comforting drink. A medium finish of caramel and toffee; rather lovely.

#3) Toddy
[5ml Apple Pie Syrup, 20ml Brandy, 10ml Lemon Juice, 60ml Boiling Water]
This isn’t a typical drink for the current summery weather, but it was tasty nonetheless. The syrup added a little sweet butteriness to the drink and the clove garnish brought out the cinnamon and spice of the syrup. Warming and tasty.

#4) Pomme
[5ml Syrup, 15ml Dry Vermouth, 30ml Calvados: SHAKE]
I really liked this, with its initial flavour of Calvados, followed by the buttery sweetness of the syrup and the warmth of the Calvados. Herbal notes on finish. A dry and more subtle way to enjoy Monin Apple Pie Syrup.

#5) Applemore
[Apple Pie Syrup, Rum, Red Vermouth, 1tsp Lemon Juice: SHAKE]
A sweet and spicy drink, with spice coming from the rum, vermouth and syrup. There are also some slight buttery notes and the lemon juice stops it from being too sweet. The red vermouth is a really excellent addition.

#6) Alexander’s Apple Pie
[10ml Apple Pie Syrup, 30ml Gin, 60ml Single Cream: SHAKE]
A twist on the Classic Gin Alexander Cocktail, this drink is creamy with a hint of spice; rather milkshake-like, but delicious.

#7) Apple & Cranberry Pie
[20ml Apple Pie Syrup, 40ml Vodka, 60ml Cranberry Juice: SHAKE]
A recipe taken from the Monin Apple Pie Syrup bottle. The vodka is almost imperceptible in this drink: it’s very smooth, the syrup takes the tart edge off of the cranberry; although, for my tastes, I’d reduce the amount of syrup to 10ml. Quite pleasant though; would probably be a hit with Cosmopolitan fans.

In Conclusion
Monin Apple Pie Syrup introduces flavours into a cocktail that might be hard to come by with other ingredients. It is quite sweet and buttery and so it’s important to use it sparingly to ensure that the resultant cocktail is balanced.

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