WOW8 – Southern Comfort Reserve

I first heard about this after David’s trip to Wisconsin, he saw this in duty free at Chicago airport but, being under 21, he was unable to purchase it. It wasn’t until four years later that we found it again in the duty free of Orlando airport. We’ve been waiting a long time to taste it.

Southern Comfort Reserve is a blend of regular Southern Comfort and a 6 year old Bourbon; it is bottled at 40%ABV as opposed to the regular 35%ABV.

Nose: sweet nail polish, not necessarily in a bad way, however there is no harsh alcohol present. A more pleasant sweetness at the end.

Taste: quite sweet with a syrupy texture and very pleasant. A faint hint of anise at the start moving on to some honeyed sweetness with whiskey and wood on the finish. This a smooth liqueur with minimal burn.

This is probably one of the most pleasing whisk(e)y liqueurs to drink on its own, this is because the whiskey flavours are still quite prominent. Unlike many whisk(e)y liqueurs there is little to no herbal notes and the flavour of sweet bourbon reminds me of a naked julep (no mint).

I imagine some people would like this drink lengthened, with lemonade or soda, but I would consider that a bit of a waste as this is one of the most accessible liqueurs I have tried.

If you’re not put off by the slightly strange nose, which seems oddly disconnected from the flavour, this is a very pleasant, very sippable liqueur and one I highly recommend.

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