WOW4 – Lyme Bay Whisky & Ginger Liqueur

I have known for some time that Lyme Bay make some delicious fruit liqueurs, and I distinctly recall buying my dear husband a small decanter of their cherry brandy not long after we met, which quickly disappeared (possibly at one of his very first, informal tastings), and so I was quite excited when he recently handed me a miniature of their Whisky & Ginger Liqueur.

The bottle is neat and elegant, and reminds me of the countryside gift shops in which I have seen it neatly lined up alongside many others of a similar style, each containing a wonderful, richly coloured liquid. This liqueur is a golden yellow, like marmalade, and, unlike most whisky liqueurs that I’ve tried, its colour is not hidden behind dark glass, but is proudly on display.

Once in the glass, I quickly realised that the appearance of the bottle wasn’t the only distinctive feature of this whisky liqueur: raising the glass to my nose, I was surprised to find that, instead of any hints of whisky or honey, my senses were met by the smell of white wine, followed by ginger.

After my senses had recovered from this unexpected occurrence, I took a sip. Indeed, the liqueur tasted like a sweet white wine; this flavour quickly faded and was followed by root ginger notes, the warmth of which remained pleasantly for a good while, giving a spicy finish to the drink.

Needless to say, this is unlike any of the other liqueurs that I have written about, but it wasn’t a nasty surprise: Lyme Bay’s Whisky & Ginger Liqueur was extremely easy to drink and, whilst any whisky flavours were decidedly delicate, the warmth from the ginger makes this a lovely winter sipper that isn’t too strong or sweet.

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