WOW3 – Drambuie

For the third of my little notes on whisky liqueurs, I turned to a bottle of something we already had in our cupboard: Drambuie. The straight-forward bottle seemed to want to reassure me that it was solid and no-fuss, which I liked, although I’ve noticed that they’ve recently had a rebranding exercise to make it look more modern. Nonetheless, I liked the look of it and swiftly poured myself a glass.

The nose was initally dominated by molasses or treacle, followed by comforting notes of honey and warm spices. I also caught something that pleasantly reminded me of cloves and liquorice, as well as hints of some herb, possibly sweet basil. The nose was generally sweet, but not overly so, and I found myself very fond of it.

On the tongue, it was deliciously silky without being too syrupy and after a second or two there was a reassuring barrage of whisky flavours; there wasn’t any burn, but, unlike some liqueurs, there was no denying the fact that this was whisky based, which I liked.

Fruitcake drizzled with Drambuie, The Drambuie Bottle and a Godfather cocktail.

I also liked the fact that the taste of Drambuie isn’t as straight-forward as its bottle: after the soft, smooth start, the flavours transformed into predominately herbal and liquorice notes, followed by a honey sweetness, before finally finishing with the warmth of the Scotch. Because of this, and in particular because of its noticable sweetness, it definitely wouldn’t replace a glass of whisky for me and I doubt that I could drink more than two glasses in an evening, but I think it could be used imaginatively in desserts and other sweet treats, as well as being enjoyed on its own and it cocktails like the Rusty Nail (Scotch whisky and Drambuie with a lemon twist).

– Mrs. B

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